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Candidates line up in race for District 7

Angelina Camacho

Camacho was born in Boston. She grew up in Roxbury and spent some of her childhood in Mattapan. She has worked much of her adult life in public health, including a stint with the Multicultural AIDS Coalition. She said her experience in housing services and the public health field have prepared her to advocate for her community from City Hall.

“We have a lot of critical issues plaguing our community,” she said. “As somebody who has experience in different fields and has passion for local issues, I felt as though I should stand up and run.”

While Camacho doesn’t think the city should return to the form of rent control that existed before it was abolished in 1995, she said she’s open to some form of stabilization.

“I would be looking at all options,” she said.

She supports a hybrid elected/appointed School Committee and noted that she sits on the citizens’ nominating panel for the current appointed committee.

“The mayor doesn’t pick a committee member out of the phone book,” she said. “There’s a community process. I think the public needs to be better educated on the process.”

On the issue of police funding, she said she supports greater funding for anti-violence programs and social services, but said funding diverted from the $400 million police budget would not be sufficient.

“We need to do a lot more than cutting police funding to fund anti-violence,” she said.

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