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Building Safe & Sustainable Communities

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COVID-19 Recovery & Our Public Health

We've lost loved ones, jobs & housing while being exposed to the unfair impact on people of color. Plus, chronic disease & the opioid epidemic did not leave us.


 Angie is dedicated to using her experience in public health to focus on recovery, lift the voices of the unheard and help lay the groundwork for the mental health crisis ahead.

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Affordable Housing/ Home Ownership

Fair Housing should be fair to ALL. Affordable rentals should not be limited to those lucky enough to get on a list. Homeowners should not feel stuck & Homelessness should be extinct

We can find solutions to zoning, creative home models & alternatives until everyone can call Boston home.

Workforce/Economic Development

Our Community Needs Competitive Work that Works for Us!

Improving job options & professional development is not new to Angie. She has worked with many youth and adult education training programs leading to job access. Our residents should have access to stable jobs.

Youth Opportunities and Education

As our children return to school, the budget, building, safety, health and pathway challenges did not go away.

As a public education graduate & leader Angie has a unique perspective on the needs and concerns of Boston families. She also created 2 youth programs for our young people to have opportunity.

Senior Care.png
Senior Support and Empowerment

Our Mature Adults have paved the way for us, let's not forget them. Our senior residents need our support more than ever.

From tax programming for Seniors to preventing elder abuse scams & volunteering with her son, Angie is dedicated to ensuring that seniors can thrive.

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Environmental Justice

What do when we don't have solutions for climate change, the heat crisis, clean building, fair integrated transit and more?

We find them!

Angie is dedicated to ensuring that we protect our environment & ensure that everyone has access to clean, sustainable solutions.

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Racial Justice and Equity

Racial Justice requires Progress beyond Protest and a Platform for Real Change.

As a member of multiple marginalized groups, Angie stood up as protest leader and stands as a reformer. She also leads in organizations that promote greater representation for those most overlooked by government. 

Public Safety

Our community needs concrete solutions to address what is contributing to "crime" so we apply right-sized solutions.

We need safe routes and safe injection sites... strength in the citizens panel and acknowledgement of the areas where cooperative police partnerships do work. We also need options for our returning citizens to come home & more.

Veteran Support

Veterans give their lives for us but often do not have the right support for their sacrifice. 

As the daughter of a Veteran with many family members in service, Angie is sensitive to the needs of those who serve. Angie is an auxiliary member of the VFW Post & serves in many volunteer efforts.

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