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Angie's everyday work in the community


Hi, I'm Angie

As the child of immigrant parents with braided roots that connect her to Central America, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and our great United States, Angelina "Angie" Camacho knows the importance of supporting those who want to live free.


As a single mother, Angie understands the critical importance of being able to earn a competitive wage, building the financial capacity to maintain stability and leading her family towards a bright future ahead.


As a committed volunteer, Angie has shown leadership in areas of youth development, family support, education, parent advocacy, community and civic engagement.


As a faithful servant, Angie is an active member of God's Love who is respectful of all who show positive energy to move our world forward.


As a professional for a number of critical engagement projects over the years, Angie has shown that she is a proficient collaborator and creative agent for change in tangible ways to promote social justice through financial empowerment, youth opportunities, affordable housing, health access, addressing health disparities and overall community development.


As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, Angie knows the importance of fighting for the greater good, but ensuring that no one gets left behind.


Beyond the labels, Angie is connected to all because it takes each of us to have true power in designing, progressing and protecting OUR District 7.


Now, more than ever, we need everyday people who have been impacted by policy to activate change for extraordinary progress. We need public policy to be influenced from the true hub of Boston.  


Angie is ready to serve you as the next City Councillor for District 7. Will you join her today?

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