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Letter from Angie

Dear Neighbors and Friends,


We can only achieve a Better Boston when we focus on neighborhood needs so the impacted become EMPOWERED to lead Healthy Lives beyond COVID-19.

Opportunity in a vibrant city like ours must be so available that while we can't forget the redlines of our past, we can see roadmaps to progress.


We need affordable stable homes from rentals to homeownership, education that we can be proud of to get learners of all ages to jobs and trades. Our unions need diverse members for the work ahead. Diverse businesses should be able to stay local and get our government's business contracts because they are here serving us. We should have room for only balanced development that truly responds to our needs from business partners who also serve as good neighbors in our community.  Our colleges, universities and larger nonprofits can share more too in shared services or payments in lieu of taxes that we cannot collect for essential community work.


This can all exist on streets where all us from Youth to Seniors can navigate safely through accessible integrated transportation for walkers, riders and drivers. We can see our officers in good public safety partnerships instead of protests as more of us find work in the ranks to support our own. We can breathe good air alive with arts and culture on display representing the beauty of those who live here and the local artists who bring it out.


All of this can happen on streets where we find solutions that also focus on environmental issues like climate change resulting in the heat crisis and everyday issues like: Youth opportunity, supporting those battling the opioid epidemic, Senior inclusion, homelessness and 'true' crime reduction, even criminal justice reform and reasonable accountability measures that gets to the heart of real Social Justice.


No matter where you are from, for however long you have been here-- from deep rooted residents to recently arrived immigrants, everyone should be able to call our City home with a Government that works for US.


If I am missing anything, let's talk about it so that my voice remains Yours! Right now, with inequality, gentrification and racism rising higher than ever, we need someone with experience in developing solutions because Experience Matters.


In fact, your concerns may be in our plans but merged differently on this site. If not, I am a listening ear because Our Work will adjust as our Community does. As a Current Servant, I know many of our faith leaders in social justice and won't be walking in on campaign weekends as a stranger to the work but as a "friend". I have met, talked, walked with or even marched with many of our Neighborhood Association and Civic Group leaders. Even with all of that, I am someone who may have a growing name because it wasn't, nor will be, about me but You. I have a record of results in Civic Service not for celebrity but for Our People.


Our platform is a Community Plan because it has been Your Voices. Knowing my name now is important for the Ballot Box only to Continue Working for You as your next City Councilor. Please know that when you vote for me, I have been and will be, with you. It all starts Local so let's use it! City Council can have power! So let's get Vocal by Voting Local at the Ballot Box this September!


Again, my name is Angelina 'Angie' Camacho and I need your vote, prayers and best lifted intentions to be the next City Councilor for District 7! In Continued Service... - Angelina

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